City seeks new ideas and outside perspective for future Downtown planning.

(Dinuba, CA) - In March 2018, the City of Dinuba, in collaboration with California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) Department of City and Regional Planning, began a land use and urban design study and visioning process for Downtown Dinuba. The study areas included in this project include the core Downtown and a secondary Downtown study area which incorporates key community resources such as the high school, library, and Chamber of Commerce.


This project is being developed by students enrolled in Cal Poly´s City and Regional Planning Department Community Design Lab during the 2018 spring semester, under the supervision of Professors Hemalata “Hema” C. Dandekar, Ph.D. and Vicente del Rio Ph.D.. The study consists of a variety of components including connectivity/walkability, ideas for repurposing existing city-owned property/buildings, pocket parks/open space, future public parking and restrooms, themed street furniture/street lighting, residential uses, future location of City Hall, active alleyways with design elements, identifying primary and secondary gateways and streetscape design elements, neighborhood enhancements, identifying housing “hot spots” or opportunities for new housing development, creation of districts for the Downtown Study Area, and an inventory of uses in the Downtown by type (i.e., retail, office, institutional, industrial, service, etc.)

The objective of the project is to provide the City with a concept design plan and development strategy for the Downtown aimed at creating a connected, walkable and vibrant place that continues to serve as the heart of the community. The focus will be to create concept visions for the Downtown that create a vibrant, mixed-use area featuring residential, retail, office, institutional and open space uses. Development strategies will focus on new land uses, public improvements, connectivity, circulation, repurposing existing city-owned buildings and property, streetscape design elements, and neighborhood enhancements around the Downtown. Project updates and community outreach announcements will be posted to the City website beginning in mid-April.

Final Report

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