Animal Control

Animal Control Services consists of two part-time Animal Control Officers who patrol the City to locate and capture stray dogs, and transport stray and dangerous dogs to the animal shelter provider.  They investigate animal bite complaints and impound animals determined to be a threat to community, and dispose of dead animals.  They ensure that all dogs within the City are licensed and fines are imposed for violations of City ordinances.

Animal Control Fees

  • Animal Recovery and return $82
  • Animal Disposal $41
  • Animal License Tags $23
  • Animal License Required $27

What do if Dinuba Animal Control picked up my dog?

  1. First Contact Dinuba Animal Control at 591-5911 to see if they picked up your dog.
  2. Need to come to PD and pay animal recovery fee ($82)
  3. May or may not have it.  Generally Dinuba Animal Control holds dogs about a day depending on availability of kennel space.  If Dinuba Animal Control recovered your dog, they will transport it to Visalia Animal Shelter. 
  4. They will be directed to contact Visalia Animal Shelter 713-4690.  Visalia Animal Shelter may charge a fee.

Owner Surrender of Dogs.

A dog owner may surrender their dog to Dinuba Animal Control. 

  1. First Pay $82 fee per dog.
  2. Sign a surrender form to relinquishing the dog Animal Control.
  3. Dog gets transported to Visalia Animal Shelter

Issue License

  1. Provide current rabies certificate from Certified Veterinarian
  2. Pay fees ($23 per dog)

Dog License and vaccinations clinics are held once a year and are usually held at Dinuba Dog Park located on East Nebraska Avenue.

Assistance with wildlife
Critter Creek 559-338-2415 (Squaw Valley)

Bee removal
Court Flemmings 559-681-4544

Service fees are paid at Dinuba Police Department.  Citations fees, including quarantine fees are paid a City Hall.

Dinuba Animal Control provides services within the city limits of Dinuba. For non-city limits issues one may contact Tulare County Animal Control 636-4050

Contact Police Department

Police Chief

Devon Popovich
Chief of Police


Contact Information

Police Department
680 S. Alta Ave
Dinuba, CA 93618

Main Office: (559) 591-5911
Fax: (559)-591-5920

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Luz Torres
Administrative Assistant
(559) 591-5911

Abel Iriarte
Support Services Lieutenant
(559) 591-5911

Russell Son
Operations Lieutenant
(559) 591-5911