Weed Abatement

The Dinuba Fire Department actively maintains a Weed and Fire Hazard Abatement Program. This program is designed to facilitate the annual clean up and maintenance of properties within the city.  The owners of any properties that are deemed by the inspector to be potential fire hazards will be sent notices to remove the hazard. After 15 days, the properties are inspected again. If the hazards have not been removed within 15 days, the owners will receive a 10-day notice to remove the hazard. The properties will be inspected again after 10 days. If the hazards have not been removed after 10 days, the owners will receive a final 5-day pre-citation letter. If the hazards are not corrected within 5 days, the City of Dinuba Fire Department will cite and fine the property owner up to $500.00, using the authority given to the Chief from California Fire Code 103.4.4.  
Once a property is determined to have a fire hazard that needs to be cleaned and the owner has received a notice to remove the hazard, that owner is liable for any fire suppression costs incurred if there was to be a fire on the property. This means that the owner may be required to pay the City of Dinuba for the hourly costs of all fire equipment and personnel used to extinguish a fire on their property. This authority to charge property owners for fire suppression is granted to the Fire Chief by Dinuba Municipal Code 3.20.021.

The City of Dinuba Fire Department follows the guidelines and codes from the Uniform Fire Code, California Fire Codes as well as Dinuba Municipal Codes. There are many codes referring to fire hazards on properties, some are listed below:

  • California Fire Code Section 1103.2 -  “ Storage and Accumulation of Rubbish and Vegetation.”
  • California Fire Code Section 1103.2.4 – “ Combustible Vegetation”
  • California Fire Code Section 1110.3 – “ Maintenance of Vacant Buildings and Properties.”
  • Dinuba Municipal Code 14.52.010 – “ Unsafe Use of Property”
  • Dinuba Municipal Code 14.52.010 – “ Hazardous Premises”

Occasionally, the property owner information obtained by the City of Dinuba Fire Department is inaccurate due to selling or buying the property. If you should receive a notice of a hazard on a property that you no longer own, please feel free to contact Jose Lopez, Fire Inspector, at the Dinuba Fire Department, (559) 591-5931.

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