Focused General Plan Update Online Questionnaire

Work is underway to update the Land Use & Circulation Elements of the City of Dinuba‚Äôs General Plan.  The General Plan provides guidance on various topics that affect how the City is developed, grows, and protects its citizens and the environment.  The main elements of the ongoing Focused General Plan Update include:

  • Provide new residential areas around the area of the proposed high school at the corner of Kamm and Alta Avenues.
  • Look at policies that encourage more mixed-uses (commercial and residential) in the downtown core and other commercial areas of the community.
  • Pursue recommended zoning changes to allow a combination of residential and commercial areas in the East El Monte Way area.
  • Implement safety improvements at key City intersections and improve alternative modes of circulation throughout the City.
  • Prepare an Environmental Justice section that includes new goals, policies, and programs that promote equitable environmental health for all communities.

This questionnaire has been developed to get further information and guidance from the community on topics related to the Focused General Plan Update.  To assist the City with this effort, please use the link below to complete the questionnaire.

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