Press Release: City receives Local Motion Awards for Roosevelt Paseo and Landscaped Medians Projects

Dinuba, CA) – In an effort to provide safer routes to schools, and to continue the progress toward the City Council’s goal of ‘Quality of Life and Neighborhood Improvements’, the City of Dinuba completed the Roosevelt Paseo and Green Median Projects in late 2019. Last week, the City of Dinuba received ‘Local Motion’ awards from the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG.) for these projects.


The Roosevelt Paseo project is located along the south side of Roosevelt Elementary School from Euclid Avenue to Viscaya Parkway. The city was successful in obtaining an allocation of $200,000 in bike and pedestrian funding through Measure R to perform grading and construction of a 10 foot wide meandering concrete sidewalk. With the completion of this project, residents and students living in Viscaya and the surrounding residential neighborhoods no longer need to walk on an unimproved dirt pathway to and from Roosevelt Elementary School.

The Dinuba Green Median Improvements Project, was born from the vision of City Council and staff to beautify the medians along El Monte Way and South Alta Avenue in the City of Dinuba. Assistant City Manager, Daniel James applied for, and was awarded grant funding, from the Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEMP) which was established by California Natural Resources Agency. The project scope included removing the existing stamped concrete medians which were replaced with medians containing hardscape and native, drought-tolerant plants and trees. This addition not only beautified the main arterial entrances into the community, it also helps to reduce the environmental impacts of transportation in and around these areas through the carbon sequestration which the new plants provide. The green medians will also have the benefit of addressing consumption of natural resources and energy by reducing the heat island effect through less concrete in the roadway. The project will provide visual and environmental benefits for years to come.

On January 23rd, 2020 the City of Dinuba received a Local Motion awards for each these projects from the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG.) at their 9th annual event. Dinuba City Council and city staff are honored to receive these awards, which recognize the planning and hard work that has gone into these worthwhile projects.