Youth Sports Programs seasons run from: Youth Basketball (Jan-Mar); Baseball/ Softball (Apr-June); Soccer (Sep-Dec). Work schedule is primarily weekday evenings and Saturdays. Officials will provide competent leadership as a representative of the City with the responsibility to control the games in the various leagues of the recreational Youth Sports Programs. Scorekeepers keep statistics on the plays of the game and are responsible for recording the positions and stats of the players in the game, and for keeping the scoreboard current.

Sports Official: Officiates the games for the Youth Sports program (Basketball, Soccer, & Baseball/Softball); uses authority with a common sense approach to effectively control games; commands and maintains the respect of coaches, parents, and participants; knows and interprets rules of play; makes judgment calls in a brisk, business-like manner; reacts intuitively to play situations; knows and supports the aims and principals of youth sports and the City's youth activities philosophy; understands the comparable skills and limitations of the youth participating in the sports programs; and performs related work as required. Must pass a practical examination. Must be at least 16 years old for non-competitive divisions & 18 years old for competitive divisions. Must be available to attend clinics and meetings. Must maintain a clean, neat appearance and wear City standard uniform. $10.00/hour. Competive Baseball/Softball - $18/game, Plate Umpire; $15/game, Base Umpire per game.

Scorekeeper: Keeps official scores of the games for the Youth Baseball/Softball program; knows and understands the correct method of recording in an official game book; records the statistics; maintains the scoreboard; and performs related work as required. Must be at least 16 years old and available to attend clinics and meetings prior to the season. Must maintain a clean, neat appearance. $10.00/hour.

APPLY: City of Dinuba, Human Resource Services, 405 E. El Monte, Dinuba, CA 93618, ph. 591-5900, OPEN UNTIL FILLED. A City application is required. Postmarks are not accepted. EOE

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